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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Today we are sipping wellness tea and talking beauty with Krystal Hart, owner of SEEDS OF LIFE WELLNESS & BEAUTY. Krystal has recently launched her first collection of herbal tea blends and we are here to tell you these tea blends give us all the LIFE & SOME!

Tell us a little more about your business...

  • I created Seeds of Life to help restore physical and spiritual wellness & beauty to my community through holistic healing. We promote the natural healing powers of Mother Nature through our products. Our products nourish the body on a cellular level to eliminate disharmony and DIS-EASE within the body. At Seeds of Life, we believe in cultivating a radiant beauty from the inside and out.

How does beauty play a role in your business?

  • Everything and everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it. The definition of beauty often varies and changed between cultures. At Seeds of Life, beauty plays a major role in our culture. We believe beauty first starts from the inside of every human being. It is our priority to help our customers to see and cultivate their beauty from within and let it pour onto the outside world.

You've worn FACE KOUTURE LASHES on a few of your branding photoshoots, what tips can you give us for applying falsies?

  • I love a good dramatic lash but I’ll be the first to admit it can be a pain when applying. From the glue not sticking, or applying them uneven BUT worst of all that darn tip of the band stabbing the inner corner of your eye, OUCH! Through trial and era, I have learned a few tips and tricks that definitely help me to avoid all of these hiccups:

1. Always measure your lashes to your eyelash line before applying. Make sure you cut off sharp corners.

2. Find a good glue that best fits you. After applying your glue let it get tacky.

3. I always use tweezers with flat ends, applying my false lash first by the center, inner corner, and then the outer corner last.

4. I like to dry my eyelash application with a Chinese style handheld fan. Midway I stop and give my false lash a good press into my natural lash, then continue drying.

5. Finally, I look in the mirror and admire how amazing Face Kouture lashes make my eyes POP, really completing my stunning look.

Some of us just need the extra push some days...which herbal tea blend from your collection would you recommend for getting our day started?

I would highly recommend our Vitality Herbal Tea to jumpstart your day. Vitality promotes mental clarity, clean energy, and soothing vibes all in one. Our Vitality herbal tea is a powerhouse herbal blend of Yerba Mate, Ginkgo, and Eleuthero. Our Vitality Herbal tea is an energizing pleasure of raw cacao beans, sweet cinnamon, minty peppermint,

and soft whispers of lavender. When you compliment these notes with brown sugar and a splash of almond milk you have the perfect morning ritual.


Describe FACEKOUTURE Lashes in 3 words...

  • Sophisticated, bold, and magical.

Before we go, leave us one piece of self- care advice as 2020 has been a rollercoaster for us all?

Self-Care first starts within the mind. Start caring for yourself by first gaining control over your thoughts. Organize your mind; don’t let self-doubt or negativity invade your sacred space. Once you have gained full control of your thoughts which shape your reality. Nourish yourself with the highest vibration of energy; consume electrical food from Mother Nature, fill your life with positive and loving influences. Always protect your energy, you will become in complete harmony with yourself.



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