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Healthy Skin Is The Trend With EstiBlack Aesthetics Studio

Meet Yolanda (pictured below in our SEDUCTIVE LASH) owner of EstiBlack Aesthetic Studio servicing all your skincare needs. She is dropping some skincare gems and dishing deets on her lash experience in this read.

How long have you been in the skincare industry and what made you choose a career in skincare?

I've been in the skincare industry going on 3 years! Having struggled with skin issues myself, this was the best way for me to learn to treat my skin effectively. Applying what I learned and being able to educate others on the importance of having Healthy Skin is why I know this is the career for me!

Let's talk about the new norm! We all are home a lot more these days, what are 3 things we should be doing with our at-home skincare routine?

The most important thing that we can do is: Keep up with consistency! Morning and night! Cleansing, toning, moisturizing & applying our sunscreen daily!! For our night routine same scenario! using cleansers & serums that target your skin concerns!! Make sure to exfoliate 2-3 times a week!! Also, staying hydrated, eating our veggies & taking our vitamins daily! Those are also a major key in maintaining healthy skin!

Honey you have "SLAY'D" in FACEKOUTURE LASHES many times okay!! Prior to wearing FK lashes how experienced were you with wearing false lashes?

Well, thank you! I had never worn false lashes before! I would buy them but never wear them because I never had luck with the application! It wasn't until Koya did a demo on applying lashes that I trusted the process and HONEEYYYY, I'm hooked!

Describe FACEKOUTURE Lashes in 3 words...

Popping, Voluminous, Statement

You offer skincare products to your clients, give us your opinion on why professional skincare products offer more benefits over drug store skincare products:

Professional products change your molecular structure over time. Ingredients are more active, curated in smaller quantities rather than drug stores, not filled with chemicals that harm the skin or fillers that do nothing for your skin. Can only be purchased by licensed professionals.

Where can we shop and/or book a service with EstiBlack?

You can book services and shop in the EstiBestie Shop at

Estiblack Slaying The Work Day In Our Sedative Lash style

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